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Come and learn everything about macadamia nuts, how they are processed and our project.  Try some of our products, get a free facial massage with our oil and hang out in our beautiful garden.


Witness a fiery show from nearby Volcan Fuego, savor panoramic views, and encounter diverse microclimates on Acatenango Volcano.

Oldtown Outfitters

Embark on the thrilling El Zur Mountain Bike Tour with panoramic views, purpose-built trails, and enchanting forest paths. The only trail of its kind here in Guatemala and we have exclusive access to it! Unless you are a landowner there or riding with Old Town Outfitters, you won’t be dropping in on any of these trails.

Oldtown Outfitters

Experience thrilling whitewater rafting on the scenic Coyolate River. Half-day adventure near Antigua supporting river conservation efforts. In coordination with RIOS Guatemala, we offer the only whitewater rafting experience available in the Antigua area. Enjoy an exciting day of class II and III+ rapids on the beautiful Coyolate River.

Oldtown Outfitters

Experience the ultimate adventure with OX Expeditions’ Summit to Surf tour. Hike to the summit of Volcan Acatenango and witness the sunrise. Descend to the Pacific Ocean for beachfront relaxation or ride the mighty waves with optional surfing. Professional guides, comfortable accommodation, and delicious meals included. Embark on this unforgettable journey and create lifelong memories.

OX Expeditions

Embark on a mountain biking adventure suitable for beginner to intermediate riders, combined with a captivating tour of a local coffee farming co-op.

Oldtown Outfitters

Combine a visit to Hobbitenango and Cerro de la Cruz Tour with this private tour from Antigua, led by an English- and Spanish-speaking guide. You’ll take in views from Cerro de la Cruz and visit both Altamira—known for its hand-shaped viewpoints—and the Tolkien-inspired Hobbitenango for a day of photography and whimsy.

Nelson Armando Palomo Toledo

Experience the thrill of camping on an active volcano slope during this guided overnight tour. Depart from Antigua in the afternoon, ascend through cloud forests and lava fields, set up camp at a scenic viewpoint, and enjoy sunset and stargazing over dinner. Wake up to panoramic volcano views before descending.

Oldtown Outfitters

Indulge in the flavors, traditions, and cultural richness of Guatemala through this immersive culinary experience that showcases the country’s culinary history and provides an authentic connection with the local way of life.

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