Guatemalan Recipes

Hilachas is a Guatemalan shredded beef stew made with flank steak and a deliciously thickened broth mainly consisting of tomatoes, tomatillos, chiles guajillo, chile ancho, onion and garlic.

Pepián is a thick meat stew from Guatemala. It is one of the oldest and most recognizable dishes of Guatemalan cuisine having as its origin the influences from Guatemala’s colonial past and indigenous cuisine.

The classic Guatemalan canillitas de leche is a traditional candy made with milk and sugar. Slightly harder on the outside, canillitas de leche are smooth and soft on the inside. They are called canillitas de leche due to their elongated shapes that resemble skinny legs. Canillita is the diminutive of canilla, a Guatemalan slang word referring to leg shins. Leche is milk in English, so the literal translation for canillitas de leche is “little milk legs” or  “leg-shaped milk candies”.

In the north of Europe, you could eat rice pudding as a warm meal instead of as a dessert! But origin this dessert comes from the Muslim world and was imported into Spain when the Muslims conquered the South of the Iberian Peninsula. It was brought by the Spanish to Latin America during colonial times and voila! here we are. Classic Arroz Con Leche is a variation of rice pudding that is sweet and cooked with milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk and topped with cinnamon.

The Piloyada Antigüeña is one of the most classic dishes from La Antigua Guatemala. Piloyada antigüeña takes its name from the piloy bean. Piloyada antigüeña is basically a bean salad with pork, Guatemalan white sausage, Frankfurt links, ham, salami, fresh cheese, bell peppers, cilantro, tomato, hard-boiled egg slices, and onions.

Guatemalan molletes are a typical and popular dessert during Christmas and Lent. Molletes are common in many Latin American countries and each country makes them a little different. There are also many different versions of the Guatemalan mollete recipe. This version is a bit easier and the ingredients are easy to find.

Jocón de pollo is a traditional Guatemalan dish hailing from Huehuetenango. The dish is made with a combination of chicken pieces, pumpkin and sesame seeds, tomatillos, cilantro, onions, chili peppers, and corn tortillas that are chopped, soaked in water, and drained. This recipe for jocón is similar to Chicken in Salsa Verde a popular dish in Mexico. But it has a nutty depth of flavor drawn from toasted pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Those two magical ingredients make jocón a deliciously memorable Guatemalan dish.

Salpicón de res (o salpicon de carne) is a shredded or diced beef salad loaded with citrus flavors. It is a tasty traditional Guatemalan food perfect as a party appetizer or a wholesome main dish. Unlike any other salad you have ever tried, this Guatemalan dish is full of fresh vegetables and a delicious marinade! And besides being a healthy meal, it is a Guatemalan recipe so versatile that you won’t believe how easy it is to make. You can serve it over crispy tostadas at your next BBQ or as a light summer meal for those hot nights.

Tapado, a delicious seafood soup with coconut milk, is a traditional dish from the Caribbean coast of Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. The fragrant coconut broth, packed with fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, plantain, and yucca, makes it ideal for lunch or dinner.  It’s also gluten-free!