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Holy Week Museum

The Holy Week Museum (Museo de Semana Santa) in Antigua, Guatemala is dedicated to the religious celebration of Holy Week, which is one of the most important cultural and religious events in the country. The museum has a large collection of objects and artifacts related to the Holy Week celebration, including wooden sculptures, paintings, and other works of art.

Guest Reviews:

“Restored and recycled monument, its facilities were adequate to give life to what is now the Museum under the theme of the Traditions of Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala, it is worth emphasizing that Holy Week at the National Level was declared Intangible Heritage, and here in this venue where ephemeral art is part of the samples, as well as temporary photographic exhibitions. Conversations, workshops, talks are also held.” -Luis Velasco

Really great little museum, I was happy to stumble upon it. I would say it’s a must-visit if you’re in Antigua during or around the Semana Santa, because it gives a lot of explanations for the art and traditions on display during this time, and history of Antigua in general. It also has some realistic recreations of colonial/ convent living (kitchen, baths), and pretty courtyards. This museum has written descriptions for all exhibits in both Spanish and English.” -Gabs

Holy Week Museum Antigua Guatemala
Entrance Fee:
National Tourist Q.5.00 / Central American tourist Q.15.00 / Foreign Student Q.20.00 / Foreign Tourist Q.40.00
Opening Hours:
Daily 9am – 5pm
Days Closed:
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The museum showcases multiple rooms featuring history and traditions of Antigua’s Holy Week. A highlight is the impressive “alfombras,” vibrant flower carpets made during Holy Week. Guided tours and workshops are offered, providing insights into artifact and carpet crafting. A must-visit for Guatemala’s cultural and religious heritage enthusiasts.



Please note that many of the entrance fees for landmarks, parks, and museums are subsidized by the government for Guatemalan citizens. You may notice a price difference for foreigners.