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When the Spaniards moved the seat of government from Cuidad Vieja to Santiago (present day Antigua) in 1543, it was from this building that they ruled over all of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and parts of Mexico, including Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucatan. As the Political and Military headquarters of the Spanish Colonies, the Palace housed royal offices, the royal treasury, working spaces for scribes and administration, barracks for guards and troops, even a stable for 34 horses. Until 1773 when, due to an earthquake, a decision was made to move the capital to Guatemala City.

Real Palacio de los Capitanes Generales 5a Calle Poniente, Antigua Guatemala

The entrance to the ruins of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago can be found behind and on the south side of the San José Cathedral that sits on the east side of the Main Square. For a small entrance fee, you can explore the remains of the original church of Santiago that was completed in 1680 under the direction of Master Architect Joseph de Porras and Captain Martín de Andújar. It took eleven years to build.

Ruinas de La Antigua Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago H749+M2J, 4a Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

The City Hall Palace, inaugurated in 1743, is located on the north side of Antigua’s Main Square. It’s in this building that the Mayor and City Council serve the needs of the residents of Antigua, administrating various city services, including property taxes, water, permits, and fines. The building was abandoned in 1779 when the new capital was established in Guatemala City until the mid-19th century when the city government of Antigua was restored.

Ayuntamiento of Antigua Guatemala 4 Avenida Norte 1-7, Antigua Guatemala

Located on the east side of the Main Square, you will find the Cathedral that now houses the Parish of San José. Completed in 1680 under the direction of Master Architect Joseph de Porras and Captain Martín de Andújar, the Cathedral suffered major damage in the earthquake of 1773. Left idle until partial restoration of the entrance, baptistry, and two chapels began in the mid 1800s. Regular mass services are conducted here daily. You can view the ruins of the Cathedral of Santiago through the entrance on the south side.

Catedral de San José, 5a Calle Oriente 5, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Situated in the heart of Antigua Guatemala, Parque Central stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and enduring charm. This central plaza, also known as the Main Square or Central Park, is not only a gathering place for locals and tourists but also a living testament to the city’s colonial past. City Hall to the North, the Palace of the Captains General to the South, the San José Cathedral to the East, and the lower-profiled building on the west with its strip of bakeries, cafes, and shops, providing the square’s perfect balance and harmony.

Antigua Guatemala Central Park H748+QG4, 4 Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala

Perched atop the hills that surround the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala stands the Cerro de la Cruz, offering a panoramic vista that captures the essence of this remarkable destination. With its commanding views of the city’s architectural splendor and the breathtaking backdrop of surrounding volcanoes, Cerro de la Cruz is a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists seeking a memorable experience.

Cerro De La Cruz H779+P7H, Antigua Guatemala