Antigua Guatemala is a Spanish colonial town surrounded by Volcanoes and steeped in Mayan Culture. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or you simply enjoy a relaxing stroll along its cobblestone streets, discovering its many secret places, Antigua has something for everyone.

Below you can explore all of the tours and experiences in and around this beautiful little place that has captured the heart of many who have come for a visit and have made it a home. 



Coffee Tours in Antigua Guatemala

Coffee Tours

Horseback Riding Pacaya Volcano

Volcano Tours

ATV Tours in Antigua Guatemala

ATV Tours

Cooking Class in Antigua Guatemala

Cooking Classes

Hiking in Antigua among coffee plantations

Hiking Tours

Chocolate Workshop in Antigua


Swing at Hobbitenango

Half Day Tours

Lake Atitlan docks and boats

Full Day Tours

Tikal Piramid Maya ancient site

Multi Day Tours

Saberico sweets and costumers

Foodie Tours

Mountain Biking in Antigua

Mountain Biking

Hobittenango Hand

Photography Tours

Ziplining in Antigua

Adventure Activities

Snug Irish Pub

Pub Crawls

Ruins in Antigua

Historical Tours