Vihara Hostal and Community Center

Vihara Calle del Agua #120, Aldea Santa Ana Antigua, Guatemala 30001

At Vihara, we embody the essence of our name, which means a place of retreat, tranquility, and wellness, offering you a sanctuary for rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. In this guesthouse, you will find budget friendly accommodations, activities, groups and classes, a sauna and spa, even a lifesize monopoly board.

This hotel/hostel/spa is very unique, like nothing I’ve ever been in! The building itself is quite something, a 2 stories with high vaulted ceilings in rooms built around a central area open to the outside. The mainfloor central area is covered by nice fabric squares which diffuse the heat but still allow the sun in. The central space itself is a gigantic monopoly board surrounded on all 4 sides by bar-like seating from where you watch and play the game. While there, this seating was a great place to study or work as the WiFi is excellent, and the ambiance quiet and serene.

I stayed in the dorm room which has 4 beds and a large attached washroom. Once again the ceiling was high and ornate allowing for excellent ventilation and airflow. There is a good sized fully stocked kitchen. I came to this place for peace and quiet and did it ever deliver. I woke up one night to complete and absolute silence which can be difficult to find when traveling. It is out of the way, a 35 min walk from Antigua or 10 min bus ride which runs on market days, Mon, Thurs & Sat. There are only small tiendas located throughout the neighborhood and no restaurants so consider bringing food to prepare. Loved my stay and the wonderful enthusiastic and spiritual young couple bringing this space, their new endeavor, to life. Best wishes to you Ali and Adam.” -Rhonda Elaine

Vihara Hostal and Community Center Lifesize Monopoly game
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