Sabores de Mi Pueblo

Sabores de Mi Pueblo 3ra calle poniente #14 calle principal, San Juan del Obispo, Antigua, Guatemala

If you’re looking to try authentic and delicious Guatemalan food, you’ll find it here. Located in the town of San Juan del Obispo, in a garden setting, on a hill with an amazing view, you’ll be able to enjoy pepian, estofado, as well as burritos and tacos. Additionally, they have a variety of wines made from regional fruits that you can sample. My personal favorite was the cherry, “cereza” in Spanish.

“This is your place if you’re looking for an authentic pepian. It’s a very simple and humble setting, in an open garden. The pepian was one of the best I’ve ever tried (I’m Guatemalan). You must try the “plátanos en gloria” desert. My mom had the estofado, which was the “Tecpán” style one, and it was delicious. Even though the dishes were in kind of small portions, the price was very cheap (Q35 for a pepian dish, including a hibiscus flower fresh drink).” -Alejandro Farfan

Sabores De Mi Pueblo Restaurant Viewpoint San Juan Del Obispo Guatemala
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 5pm
Days Closed
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