Finca Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours

Finca filadelfia, San Felipe de Jesus, Antigua Guatemala 03002

Finca Filadelfia is a first-class hotel and restaurant. With hundreds of five-star reviews, their coffee tours are strongly recommended for those who wish to learn more about coffee, its history, and its process of being made.

Finca Filadelfia was founded in 1864 by the current owner’s great-grandfather. Their coffee farm is one of the oldest in Guatemala. It later expanded to include a hotel and restaurants. Finca Filadelfia’s Cafetenango Cafè serves traditional Guatemalan foods, while you can also find French-style cuisine at their Pergaminos Restaurant. Both restaurants have a beautiful view, delicious food, and “helpful and attentive” staff.

Finca Filadelfia has also become one of the region’s most-known tour operators, offering traditional two-hour-long coffee tours that include latte art, coffee tasting, and knowledge on the coffee-growing process, starting from the farm to your cup.

Guest Reviews:

“Great place to enjoy a meal while taking in some of Guatemalas best views. The staff were extremely attentive and the food was delicious. It is on the pricier side but the location and quality of food/service makes it worth paying for.” -Hidden Gem

Finca Filadelphia Coffee Farm with Volcano View San Felipe Antigua Guatemala
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Daily 7am – 6pm
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