El Tenedor del Cerro by Santo Domino Hotel

El TEnedor H73G+2R Antigua Guatemala

Dining at El Tenedor del Cerro is a feast for the senses, especially at sunset. Enjoy a romantic view of the city of Antigua and the volcanoes that surround her while sipping champagne or one of their signature cocktails. The menu offers culinary delights from the grill, pizza, and pasta. There is also a museum on property and adventure activities like zip-lining. Fun for the entire family.

Delicious food with spectacular views of a smoking volcano and the city lit up below. And this was after a stroll through a fabulous art park! It was an evening to remember, for sure. The roasted eggplant and tomato salad with black olive mousse will have me reminiscing for weeks. The service was prompt and genial, and also offered a novel presentation of tomato soup by pouring it over the garnish that was already in the bowl. I enjoyed the interesting ’place mats’ at every seat, too.” – Michelle Chick

El Tenedor del Cerro Dining Room
Opening Hours
Tues – Sat 7am – 10pm
Sun 7am – 5pm
Days Closed
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