Corazón de Agua

Corazón de Agua G8GC+VV7, Magdalena Milpas Altas

Corazón de Agua, an eco-park nestled in Sacatepéquez, offers natural trails and viewpoints to explore. Embrace the diverse flora and fauna while camping and hiking. Marvel at the enchanting views of Lake Amatitlán and the Agua and Pacaya volcanoes.

This nature sanctuary, located at an elevation of around 2,440 meters above sea level, provides an ideal spot for ecotourism enthusiasts. Discover the rich biodiversity of the region as you wander through the lush forest and encounter various animals and bird species. Enjoy family celebrations and playful moments at designated areas within the park. A captivating experience awaits in this scenic haven, just 38 kilometers from Guatemala City and a short 12-kilometer drive from Antigua Guatemala.

“Cool hike to do on a normal weekday also a Perfect spot to bring your furry friend 🐶. Its a bit chilly at the top of the mountain and there’s a camping space.” -D C-O
Corazon De Agua Viewpoint Guatemala
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