Chocolate Antigua

Chocolate Antigua G7FF+9J7, San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala

Chocolate Antigua in San Juan del Obispo is a delightful chocolate shop and factory located just a short distance from Antigua, Guatemala.

They are dedicated to preserving the rich tradition of making Guatemalan chocolate using traditional recipes passed down through generations. Visitors can experience the process of making chocolate from scratch, starting with cacao beans and witnessing each step of the production. The shop offers a wide range of artisanal chocolate products, from delectable bars to luscious hot chocolate drinks. It’s a must-visit destination for chocolate lovers and those seeking an authentic taste of Guatemala’s culinary heritage.

“Lovely place to visit, sort of a hidden gem. The lady gave us a tour of their little chocolate “factory” and we witnessed how every single step of the process to make delicious chocolate is done by hand, from roasting cocoa beans, cleaning them, crushing and grinding them, to pounding the powder in round patties. We were offered some hot chocolate to taste and it was delicious (chocolate with rice, a wonderful discovery). There is also a shop to buy all their products and they’re much cheaper than in choco shops in Antigua and elsewhere.” -Ana Nikolic
Chocolate Antigua San Juan Del Obispo Guatemala
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 5pm
Days Closed
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