Bendito Cielo

Bendito Cielo G72Q+FXF, Santa Maria de Jesús

A short drive south from Antigua, along a beautiful stretch of road surrounded by nature, you will discover this little restaurant and bar with one of the most impressive views of Agua Volcano. If you’re looking for a quiet place out in nature, pay a visit to Alex and Lucy here. Just follow google maps. Pull down into the road where it says they are and you’ll see a two story restaurant next to the avocado farm.

“I almost missed it when I was coming around the curve, but it’s exactly where google maps said it was. They were actually closed the day I went, but Alex invited me in anyway and showed me around. I have to say, they have the best view of Agua, I just wish it was a clearer day because you feel like Agua is right there in front of you. The other volcanoes are visible as well. For food, they serve breakfast and hamburgers, nachos, french fries, and ceviches. I only had a beer but this is what they offered if I were hungry.” -Jason Shockey

Bendito Cielo Restaurant Volcano View Santa Maria de Jesus Guatemala
Opening Hours
Daily 9am – 10pm
Days Closed
Monday & Tuesday
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