Altamira Oriole Antigua Guatemala Calle El Mirador, Aldea el Hato, Vuelta Grande, Calle Camposeco 3001, Antigua Guatemala

Altamira Oriole is a charming and unique lodge, bar and restaurant located in the mountains surrounding Antigua Guatemala.

With a carefully curated selection of handmade products and artsy displays, they offer a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Altamira Oriole celebrates local craftsmanship and showcases the beauty of Guatemala’s rich cultural heritage.

“A very good place to visit. The cost is quite accessible. It has incredible views of the landscapes, in the same way it has good attractions and places to take pictures. It has a restaurant but it is not mandatory to eat, however I recommend it since it is the only place to eat. The food is good. My recommendations are to arrive early to be able to take photos anywhere since there are not many people and to wear comfortable clothes. I highly recommend it.” -Adrian González

Altamira El Hato
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 5pm
Days Closed
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