Newelle Boutique

NEWELLE Boutique 4a avenida norte 4, Antigua Guatemala

Boutique in Antigua Guatemala selling beautiful and trendy women’s clothes and accessories.

Guest Reviews:
“On assignment for the website, I discovered this new women’s boutique clothing store, located just off the Central Square. Their friendly staff invited me in to peruse their collection of stylish women’s tops, coats, handbags, and more. I immediately thought, maybe not a good idea to bring my girlfriend here because we’re going to walk out of there with many shopping bags. In all seriousness, Newelle’s fashion friendly selection of clothing and accessories, their proximity to the square, and their welcoming staff appear to be the right combination of things to assure their future success here in Antigua, and we wish them well.” -Jason Shockey
Newelle Boutique Antigua
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 9:30am – 7:30pm
Fri-Sun 9am – 8pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
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