Meki Cosmetics

Meki Cosmetics 5a Avenida Norte, Antigua Guatemala

Meki brings to you the incredible world of natural beauty. All products are made by hand with vegetable oils and butters, botanical extracts, proteins and essential oils, always trusting in the treasures that nature offers. Reusable containers.

Guest Reviews:
“These products are my personal favorites and I would recommend them for anyone! My skin is very sensitive and has searched many years for a product that meets my expectations but was always disappointed, but when I tried Meki I knew this is what I would be using for the rest of my life. It instantly cleared up my face after using it for only a few days and the smells great! I love the fact that the website is easy to use and that you can order products online. My favorite part is that the products are natural, so you feel good about using them!” -Cody Stinson
Meki Cosmetics store front
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Thurs – Tues 11am – 7pm
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