Gentlecan Perros Estilosos

Gentlecan Perros Estilosos 3a Calle Poniente 34, Antigua Guatemala

Pet grooming services located just a few doors away from Calzada Santa Lucia where Mercado Central is. They provide grooming as well as care consultations, accessories, treats, toys, and more.

Guest Reviews:
“Highly recommended! Totally awesome owner and staff. Great with animals, high quality service, and truly friendly and caring people. They have been as helpful to me in optimizing my own care and food of my dog… as they are terrific groomers. 3rd Calle five doors east of Calz Santa Lucia.” -Maria Herman
Gentlecan Pet Boutique
Opening Hours
Daily 9am – 6pm
Wednesday 9am – 12pm
Days Closed
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