Doña María Gordillo

Doña María Gordillo H749+WC6, Poniente, Antigua Guatemala

The house of Doña María Gordillo was founded in 1872. It is a family-owned business, an icon of typical Guatemalan sweets. On this site, it is possible to see a façade full of history and its store has the peculiarity of having an appearance from yesteryear. You can taste walnuts, sweet figs, cocadas, polvorosas, espumillas, milk canillitas, and much more.

Guest Reviews:
Doña Maria Gordillo traditional Guatemalan Candy
Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 9:30am – 2pm & 2:45pm – 5:30pm
Sat – Sun 9:30am – 5:30pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
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