Antigua Cigars

Antigua Cigars 2a Avenida Sur #22, Antigua Guatemala 03001

Find the largest selection of Central American cigars in Guatemala. This place offers a private smoking lounge so you can enjoy your cigars in a cozy and comfortable environment.

Guest Reviews:
“When visiting Antigua I found this wonderful cigar lounge. Let’s face it 99% of the cigar experience is in the joy of smoking a good cigar, but that 1% of where and with who is extremely important also! At Antigua Cigars, the cigars are well above average, with a balanced Cuban cigar offering that is well priced. The owners and staff are friendly and knowledgeable about many different topics that made it a pleasure to come to their shop. I went every day except Sunday because they were closed. They treated me like family and will hold Lynn and here husband close to my heart always. I definitely would recommend this establishment!” -Ron
Antigua Cigar Lounge
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12pm – 7pm
Days Closed
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