Rincón Tipico Antigüeño

Rincon Antigüeño H749+659, 3a Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala

This place is very centrally located, just a block behind the cathedral on the main square. El Rincon Tipico is a simple kind of restaurant yet the food they serve is the best sample of local cuisine as it is both tasty and generous.

“This place was recommended by a friend of a friend and it did not disappoint. We had the chicken lunchboxes and they were awesome, they look simple but the flavors are out of this world! They also gave us this mystery juice that we have no idea what it was but it also nectar of the gods.” -Desiree Del Rey

“BEST LUNCH EVER! Oh, we would’ve eaten here everyday if we could – this place was so good. We ate the Pepian and the Pollo con papas. The chickens were roasted right in front us, so we could see everything. The salad dressing was light and refreshing, it went perfectly with the lettuce and potatoes and the chicken – well with everything! The corn tortillas came with the meal and it added the perfect touch to everything, perfect for the soupy Pepian! Not only was the food absolutely scrumptious, but it was affordable too! I would pay double what I did for everything all over again. Honestly, this was the best meal we had in all of Antigua!” -Ashley Ashman

Established in 2008.

Rincón Tipico Antigüeño
Open For
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 4pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
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Courtyard Seating
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