La Cuevita de los Urquizú

La Cuevita de los Urquizu, 2a Calle Oriente 9D, Antigua Guatemala

Promoting traditional Guatemalan food by preparing a wide variety of foods that you can find in a Guatemalan home including stews, soups, grilled meats, beans, and Guatemalan side dishes, which are all readily available for a mix-and-match experience. The aim is to serve traditional dishes with a homemade taste in a family-friendly atmosphere and really good service. The food is served in clay pots that give it a very authentic look.

“Interesting experience – you can see and select your food on the way in. The typical meal is a stew with a couple sides. Inside there are a few rooms with filtered light and plants. Quite serene. Tasty stew, bottomless coffee, and a side of peppers and onions.” -Mitch C.

“I ate here twice while in Antigua. Once for lunch and once for breakfast. You can view the stews upon entry and choose from a variety of sides, I really liked the pickled beet and cabbage slaw, and the pickled bean salad. There is also table service where there is a menu you can pick from.” -Tessa Lucero

Established in 1991. La Cuevita de los Urquizú started out as a street food vendor and today they are one of the most representative traditional Antigua and Guatemalan restaurant option for both locals and foreigners.

La-Cuevita-de-Los-Urquizu Antigua
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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 8pm
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Indoor seating, Rooftop Terrace, Courtyard Seating, Open Air Seating, Garden Seating
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