El Tacquila

El Tacquila 6a Avenida Norte No 49, Antigua Guatemala

You can find this little Mexican restaurant just a few blocks north of La Merced on 6a Avenida. They offer a budget friendly menu of tacos, burritos, shucos, and more, even Mexican street corn.

Went to this little place with my wife, mind you she is very picky. The girls who work there are friendly and funny. They suggested the fiesta bowl and it was a good choice. My wife drank Corona sunrise and she was tipsy after her first drink. She was having fun dancing after her second Corona sunrise to the music of her choice because they have Alexa. I was enjoying the music while drinking a popular beer in Guatemala called Gallo. Highly recommend this little place.” -Brian Fittengoff

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El Tacquila Mexican Restaurant Antigua
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Daily 7am – 11pm
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