El Criollo

El Criollo 1a Avenida Sur no 1, Antigua Guatemala

Finally, after more than a year, this highly rated restaurant has reopened its doors in a beautiful new location on 1a Avenida Sur. If you’re looking to experience authentic Guatemalan cuisine made with love, and of course, fresh ingredients, El Criollo is the place. Try local favorites like Pepián, Jocón, and Hilachas, in a colonial style setting, or grab your fork and knife and dig into a delicious cut of Lomito.

While this restaurant has been around for a while it was recently renovated and recently reopened its doors, the location is beautiful and food is delicious. After a day after exploring we stopped at this restaurant. I love the fact that the food is authentic Guatemalan. There are a lot of restaurants in Antigua (Italian, French, American), but to gain the full experience of a country, the food has to be a part of that experience and this restaurants provides that.” -Astride Raman

El Criollo Antigua Dining Room
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