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Structure Architects is an architecture firm based in Antigua, Guatemala. They offer a range of services including architecture design, construction management, and interior design.

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Their goal is to provide their clients with sustainable and innovative design solutions that are functional, aesthetic, and cost-effective. The firm has experience working on a variety of projects such as residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. They are committed to creating designs that reflect the unique context and cultural heritage of Guatemala while meeting the needs and expectations of their clients.

Some of their main services include:

  1. Structural Engineering: This involves the analysis, design, and construction of structures, including buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.
  2. Project Management: Structura provides project management services for construction projects, helping clients plan, organize, and manage resources to achieve their goals.
  3. Construction: The company offers construction services for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
  4. Design: Structura provides design services for building projects, including architectural, structural, and civil engineering design.
  5. Consulting: The company offers consulting services to clients in the construction industry, providing advice and guidance on a range of topics related to construction and engineering.
  6. Building Information Modeling (BIM): Structura uses BIM technology to create 3D models of building projects, allowing clients to visualize and better understand the design and construction process.
  7. Sustainability: The company also provides sustainability services, including energy efficiency analysis, LEED certification consulting, and sustainable design and construction practices.

“The best developer of premium projects in Antigua Guatemala” -Stuart Morales

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