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Soy Tours Antigua 7a Avenida Norte 15, Antigua Guatemala 30031

Soy Tours is a tour operator based in Antigua, Guatemala that offers a variety of tours and travel services. The company focuses on providing sustainable and responsible tourism experiences that benefit both the local communities and the environment.

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Soy Tours is a travel agency based in Antigua, Guatemala. They provide a variety of experiences, tours, and activities for tourists visiting the country:

  • Offers cultural and historical tours, adventure activities, gastronomic experiences, and personalized tours tailored to client’s specific needs and interests.
  • Provides transportation and accommodation arrangements to ensure a seamless travel experience for customers.
  • Committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices.
  • Promotes environmental and social awareness through their tours and activities.

The best travel experience ever. Hiking up the volcano is truly amazing and soy tours is the group to do it with. The tour company is local, very well organised and they have the best place to sleep (you sleep in tents in cabins so nice and toasty). Everyone made it up in their own pace with proper support and great meals. Thanks so much!” -Wendelien Bakelaar

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