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MotoTours Guatemala is a company that offers guided motorcycle tours and rentals for exploring Guatemala on two wheels.

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Here’s an overview of their services:

  • Guided Motorcycle Tours: MotoTours Guatemala offers a variety of guided tours that range from half-day to multi-day trips. These tours cover various regions of Guatemala, such as Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Tikal, and more. The tours are led by experienced guides who provide support and guidance throughout the trip.
  • Motorcycle Rentals: For those who prefer to explore Guatemala on their own, MotoTours Guatemala offers motorcycle rentals. They have a fleet of well-maintained bikes, including enduro, adventure, and touring models.
  • Custom Tours: MotoTours Guatemala also offers custom tours for individuals or groups who have specific interests or travel preferences. The team can work with clients to design a custom itinerary that suits their needs.
  • Support Services: MotoTours Guatemala offers a range of support services, including airport transfers, gear rentals, and route planning assistance. They also provide mechanical support and roadside assistance in case of any issues during the trip.
  • Training: For those who are new to riding or want to brush up on their skills, MotoTours Guatemala offers motorcycle training courses. These courses cover basic riding skills, safety techniques, and off-road riding.

Overall, MotoTours Guatemala aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of Guatemala.

“We arranged a 4 day tour with Mototours and ended up doing the village tour, rivers tour with stay in El Paredon and then backroads to overlook Lake Atitlan with Marlo. The tour was a highlight from our trip to Guatemala. I just started riding this year – but Marlo was super patient with me, making sure I felt comfortable, etc. 100% recommend!” -Samara Quinton

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