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Homes In Antigua is a reputable real estate company based in Antigua, Guatemala, specializing in providing a wide range of rental properties and vacation homes. Their website offers comprehensive property listings, including luxurious villas, apartments, and colonial-style homes, with detailed information on features, amenities, and pricing.

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With a focus on personalized customer service, their experienced bilingual staff assists clients throughout the rental process, offering both short-term and long-term rental options. Homes In Antigua is a trusted choice for those seeking quality rentals in Antigua, catering to diverse budgets and preferences with their exceptional service and support.

Here is a list of services offered by Homes in Antigua:

  1. Property sales: They assist clients in buying and selling residential and commercial properties in Antigua, Guatemala.
  2. Property rentals: They provide rental services for a variety of properties, including houses, apartments, and commercial spaces in Antigua and its surrounding areas.
  3. Property management: They offer property management services for owners who wish to rent out their properties. This may include finding tenants, handling maintenance and repairs, and managing rental contracts.
  4. Real estate consulting: They provide expert advice and guidance to clients interested in investing in real estate in Antigua. This may include market analysis, property valuation, and assistance with the buying or selling process.
  5. Relocation services: They offer assistance to individuals or families relocating to Antigua, helping them find suitable housing options and providing support during the transition.


After renting from Karla for years- I used Homes in Antigua to buy a house here. Manolo and Karla were amazing helping me with every single step of this process and they found me a house that has been my dream! Thank you.” -Meghan Tarmey

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