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El Cubo Center, RN-14, San Lorenzo El Cubo

Pomona Impact is an impact investing fund and advisory firm based in Guatemala. The company focuses on investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America that create positive social and environmental impacts while generating financial returns.

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Additional Information:

Pomona Impact offers a range of services to support its mission. These include:

  • Investment Management: Pomona Impact offers investment management services to investors looking to invest in socially responsible and sustainable businesses in Latin America. They work to identify and manage investment opportunities that align with their investors’ values and financial goals.
  • Advisory Services: The company provides advisory services to social enterprises, SMEs, and non-profit organizations. These services include strategic planning, financial management, and operational support.
  • Technical Assistance: Pomona Impact offers technical assistance to help businesses develop their social and environmental impact strategies. This may include assistance with product development, market research, and impact measurement.
  • Impact Measurement and Reporting: The company helps businesses measure and report on their social and environmental impact. They use a variety of methods to assess impact, including the use of metrics and qualitative assessments.

Overall, Pomona Impact works to promote sustainable economic growth and social development in Latin America through impact investing and advisory services.

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