DHL Express ServicePoint

DHL Express ServicePoint El Jaulon, Antigua, 4 Calle Oriente #10, Antigua Guatemala

DHL Express ServicePoint is a branch of the global courier and logistics company offering express shipping, parcel, and document delivery services. With their network of ServicePoints, customers can easily drop off and pick up their packages at convenient locations, ensuring fast and secure delivery.

DHL Express ServicePoint
Additional Information:

DHL Express ServicePoint in Antigua Guatemala provides a variety of services related to package and document delivery, including:

  • International shipping: DHL Express ServicePoint offers international shipping services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Domestic shipping: They also offer domestic shipping services within Guatemala.
  • Package tracking: Customers can track their packages in real time through the DHL Express ServicePoint website or mobile app.
  • Packaging supplies: DHL Express ServicePoint provides a range of packaging supplies, including boxes, envelopes, and tape, to help customers properly package their items for shipment.
  • Drop-off and pick-up: Customers can drop off packages at the DHL Express ServicePoint location in Antigua Guatemala, and also pick up packages that are being held for them.
  • Shipping advice and support: DHL Express ServicePoint provides expert advice and support on all aspects of shipping, including customs requirements, regulations, and documentation.
  • Express courier services: They offer fast and reliable express courier services for urgent shipments.

“DHL Antigua is the best of all branches! Lourdes is great! Very decisive and always with a smile on her face. Thank you!!!” -Nathalie Suarez

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Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm
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