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Arturo Rivera is a talented photographer based in Antigua, Guatemala, specializing in capturing the beauty and essence of the local landscape, architecture, and culture through his lens.

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With an eye for detail and a passion for his craft, Arturo’s stunning photographs are a testament to his skill and creativity. His portfolio includes a diverse range of subjects, from the colorful streets and colonial architecture of Antigua to the natural beauty of the surrounding volcanoes and countryside.

Whether you’re looking for unique and memorable photographs of your travels or want to showcase the beauty of Guatemala, Arturo Rivera’s photography is sure to inspire and captivate. Here are some of the photography services he offers:

  • Fine Art Prints: Arturo offers a selection of his beautiful photographs as fine art prints in various sizes and finishes.
  • Editorial and Commercial Photography: Arturo has worked with a variety of clients for editorial and commercial photography projects, including tourism boards, hotels, restaurants, and more.
  • Architectural Photography: Arturo specializes in architectural photography, capturing the beauty and details of historic and modern buildings in Guatemala.
  • Landscape Photography: Arturo’s portfolio includes stunning landscape photography of the beautiful countryside and volcanoes surrounding Antigua.
  • Photography Workshops: Arturo offers photography workshops for enthusiasts of all levels, sharing his expertise and passion for photography with others.

We hired Arturo to take our family photos while traveling in Guatemala. We wanted to use one of the photos for our holiday card and he was incredibly flexible, quickly returning a select number of photos so we could get our holiday cards printed in short order. We were looking for a more natural, unedited look and Arturo’s style fit our taste perfectly. The actual shoot was very comfortable and despite our toddler not being in tip-top health that day, he was still able to capture beautiful images. He was very receptive to feedback and willing to edit photos upon request. Aside from performing his photography duties, Arturo went above and beyond in every interaction we had with him. As visitors to Guatemala, he made us feel very welcome and made recommendations to make our stay feel more local. He was always friendly yet professional and prompt in all communications. We have had several experiences with photographers and Arturo was certainly the best we’ve had. I would highly recommend him!” – Renee Chu

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