Joel Batz

Abstract artists , Oil painters , Realism artists , Surrealists

Batz’s greatest inspiration is life, influenced by the vision of everything that moves and projects life itself, a realist and surrealist artist, capturing a feeling of identity in each brushstroke.

Joel Batz was born in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. In 2000, he moved to Mexico City and apprenticed under his brother, Artist Rigoberto Batz, for 2 years as a miniature sculptor.

In August 2002, Batz began studying in California at Los Angeles City College, the Valley College, and LA Pier College being instructed by masters in the fine arts. By 2008, Joel had obtained dual degrees in Art and Music.

Joel Batz returns to Guatemala in December 2010 and decides to settle in La Antigua Guatemala, where he exhibited his art for the first time. In 2012, he opened his own “Galería del Color” together with his brother Marcos Batz.

Inspired to teach others, Joel began a new phase in his life, sharing his experiences and techniques, acquired through his extensive training overseas, directly with fledgling artists in Guatemala and through his exhibitions.

In September 2014, the Casa Para Las Artes project became his new initiative to support the emergence of new talent while creating space for artistic and cultural development. Batz now exhibits his art and teaches at CPA, where style and technique are inspired by Guatemalan culture.