Danya Xena

Performance artists
Dynamic acrobatics by Danya Xena, a supportive and experienced acro teacher. Unlock your inner Super Hero with safe, collaborative learning.

Danya Xena (She/Her) is a seasoned acro teacher who has traveled the world, creating supportive, safe, and collaborative learning environments. With a focus on dynamic acrobatics, she empowers individuals to unleash their inner Super Heroes. Danya’s expertise as a mid-weight acrobat, both as a base and a flyer, gives her a comprehensive understanding of the practice.

As the founder of SuperHero Circus Academy and FemPower Acro, Danya has taught in over 100 communities globally. With a background in adult education, coaching, and facilitation, she brings a deep passion for social justice and holds a Masters’s degree in Diversity Studies with a specialization in pedagogy. Certified as a Partner Acrobatics and Acro Revolution Teacher, Danya also completed the Acro and Social Justice Teacher Training program at Pitch Catch Circus.

Danya’s commitment to social justice extends beyond acro training. She co-founded www.JusticeMovement.org, an organization dedicated to providing intersectional social justice training and consulting. Working with individuals, organizations, NGOs, corporations, and collectives, they strive to create positive change in communities and companies.

Join Danya on her journey of acrobatic empowerment and social justice advocacy.