Socos Place San Juan

Soco’s Place

Soco's Place 03 Avenida, San Juan La Laguna

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simple and delicious food at affordable prices in a very cozy garden setting. The owner, Soco, and his staff are friendly and attentive. After you dine here, you’ll understand why it’s rated one of the best places to eat in San Juan La Laguna.

Guest Reviews

We have had the pleasure of visiting Soco’s place on numerous occasions. This charming establishment boasts a cozy atmosphere, offering a delightful combination of indoor and outdoor seating options. The cuisine they serve is not only delicious but also reasonably priced. We wholeheartedly recommend Soco’s place for an unforgettable dining experience.” -John Barrie

Opening Hours
9am –9pm daily
Days Closed
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