Samsara's Garden San Marcos

Samsara’s Garden

Samsara's Garden PPFR+CF San Marcos La Laguna

Stop in Samsara’s Garden in San Marcos for soul-nourishing vegan cuisine! From a tasty pineapple turmeric smoothie bowl for breakfast to the savory Lao Tzu for dinner, their menu offers a perfect balance. Also serving super smoothies, bliss balls, and signature drinks.

Guest Reviews

The Lao Tzu was amazing. Great portion at a good price. I’ll definitely be back to try out more items from the menu.” -Dylan Luo

Came here for breakfast and dinner, pineapple turmeric smoothie bowl was very good and I loved the Lao Tzu for dinner. Both drinks were nice and balanced too (Ginger Golden Milk and Samsara Masala Cafe). Very satisfying vegan food! Yummy desserts too ;)” -Clara Lloyd

Opening Hours
9am –10pm daily
Days Closed
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