Restaurante Raíces Atitlán

Restaurante Raíces Atitlán

Restaurante Raíces Atitlán 052, Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

Enjoy a cool bar, brick oven pizzas, and a cozy balcony. The complete package with friendly staff, fresh, diverse options, including vegan and vegetarian choices. Don’t miss our refreshing fresh juices, especially the superb green smoothie. A delightful dining experience that guarantees a return visit.

Guest Reviews

It was the complete package! The staff was so friendly, food was fresh (pastas and pizzas cooked in a clay oven right in front of us), so much variety, many delicious vegan and vegetarian options (which can be hard to come by in Santiago) and fresh juices (The green smoothie was so good!). We’ll definitely be eating here again.” -Krystal Bodily

I visited this restaurant for the fist time in December with some friends. We ordered 5 different plates, and they were amazing, cooked to perfection. The place has a nice bar, oven brick pizza, and a nice hangout balcony where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your pizza, and drinks!” -Jose Carillo

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat 2pm – 10pm
Sun 11am – 4pm
Days Closed
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