Mirador-Xecumuc-Park Panajachel

Mirador Xecumuc Park

Mirador Xecumuc Park Calle Xecumuc, Barrio Jucanya Norte, frente a, Las Manos, Panajachel

Embrace adventure at Xecumuk Ecological Park, just 15 minutes from Xecumuk Street in the northern part of Jucanyá, Panajachel and enjoy all the park’s attractions. The park introduced artisanal swings, a larger swing, a cozy café, and more exciting features.

Guest Reviews

“Such a great viewing point, great place to enjoy a picnic and have the beautiful view of Panajachel and Lake Atitlán. We recommend!!” -Cedric Waldis

Opening Hours
Daily 7am – 7pm
Days Closed
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