Mayan Face Mirador San Juan

Mayan Face Mirador

Rostro Maya - Indian Nose PP53+23 Santa Clara La Laguna

Experience the breathtaking sunrise at Rostro Maya (Indian Nose), a must-do adventure in Guatemala. As the name indicates, the mountain forms the face of a person with their gaze towards the sky. From the top you can see Lake Atitlán, San Pedro, Tolimán and the peaks of the Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes. There are two routes: one from San Juan, which contains a 30Q entrance fee and might be more dangerous due to bandit activity. The hike from Santa Clara is for free and is the safest trail option. Either way, we recommend to go with a local guide to add safety.

Guest Reviews

“The experience is unforgettable, the beauty of the place is unmatched. The walk is very pleasant, the ascent is of medium difficulty, I went up on the side of San Juan la Laguna, the average time is 2 and a half hours, but it is worth it. The view from the top is something worth experiencing, you can appreciate the beauty of the lake surrounded by volcanoes.” -Javier Garcia

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