Iglesia Parroquial Santiago Apostol

Iglesia Parroquial Santiago Apostol

Saint James the Apostle Church JQQC+897, Santiago Atitlán

The Church of Santiago Atitlán, also known as the Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol, is a prominent historical and culturally significant religious structure. It has deep ties to the Mayan Tz’utujil community and represents a fusion of Catholicism and indigenous Mayan beliefs.

Guest Reviews

Built on top of a Mayan altar, the catholic church is one of the most unique I have seen: the way the statues of saints are clothed, the decoration of the altars, and the presence of the pagan figure behind the crucified Jesus, all points to an interesting mix of local custom with the catholic practice. Likewise, the town seems to be a mixture of Protestants and Catholics where former group proudly displays the Star of David on their cars and houses (we first thought it was a Jewish symbol). The guide confirmed the tolerant atmosphere of the town, which also applies to LGBT groups. Among the towns around the lake, this is my favourite.” – LL

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