Cojolya Cooperativa

Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers

Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers/Asociación Cojolya (Asociación Cojolya/Tienda Cojolya) Atitlan, Santiago Atitlán

Empowering indigenous artisans with quality handwoven products, preserving traditions, and improving lives since 1983. Cojolya is a Tz’utujil word which means between the waters, a name that reminds us of the place where women began to weave for the first time. Our products are designed for socially conscious consumers who value high-quality handmade products in line with current trends and modern aesthetics.

Guest Reviews

Highly respected and effective NGO provides an incredibly informative tour experience. We learned so much and had an opportunity to meet and learn from master indigenous weavers from the local community.” -Joshua Houdek

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Mon-Sun 9am – 5pm
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