Cafa Rafa Santiago Storefront

Café Rafá

Café Rafá JQR9+FVH, Santiago Atitlán

Savour the excellence of this hidden gem! A place where the espresso strikes the perfect balance – robust without a hint of bitterness. The menu also offers delicious smoothies and snacks, such as quesadillas, nachos and crepes.

Guest Reviews

“I LOVE this place. It is the best coffee in town. They also have the best prices too and staff is super friendly. It’s located on the Main Street going up from the embarcadero. If you’re looking for quality coffee and a budget friendly place, definitely recommend it here. their menu isn’t too big as it’s only a cafe so if you’re really hungry this might not be the best place. They offer quesadillas, nachos and sweet/salty crepes.” – Amy Perez

Opening Hours
Mon-Sa 8am – 10pm
Sun 8am – 2pm
Days Closed
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