Allala Restaurante Japonés San Marcos

Allala – Restaurante Japonés

Allala - Restaurante Japonés PPFR+98P, San Marcos La Laguna

Discover this somewhat hidden restaurant in San Marcos, offering delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine. Run by a delightful Japanese lady, who also speaks Spanish, the place exudes warm hospitality. With generous portions and excellent prices, it’s a highly recommended spot for anyone visiting Lake Atitlan.

Guest Reviews

This is such a nice restaurant, tucked away from the busy “hippy highway”. I had the miso soup and vegetarian fried rice and loved it. Friendly servers/staff too, which can really make a difference with the overall experience. I would definitely recommend this place, especially if you’re looking for something different and more quiet than other places in San Marcos.” -Amanda Crichton

Excellent restaurant with a great menu, delicious food and amazing hospitality! Authentic Japanese food including sushi available in the menu. And the place is run by a sweet Japanese lady. Great quantity and excellent prices as well. Highly recommended if you’re anywhere around lake Atitlan.” -Cee Jay

Opening Hours
11am – 8pm daily
Days Closed
Wednesday and Sundays
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