Vinyasa Yoga Class

Caoba Farms

Caoba Farms Restaurant 5 Avenida Sur Final, Antigua Guatemala

Enjoy a Vinyasa Yoga Class on a beautiful farm just a few minutes from the city center.

Cost per person:
Group Pricing:
Age / Max Group:
All ages, max of 15 people
1 hour
Start Time(s):
Sat 10 am, Sun 8:30 am & Sun 10 am
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
Opening Hours:
Daily 8am – 8pm
Days Closed:
The Farm is closed on Mondays, however, the scheduled classes are still ongoing.
What's Included:
  • Class instructor


What to Expect:

Vinyasa yoga emphasizes the sequential movement between postures, coordinated with and guided by deliberate breath. The Vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom, and fluidity in the body and mind.

Additional Information:

Caoba Farms is much more than “just” a family of organic and sustainable farms. Our farms have become community gathering points, offering tours, volunteer opportunities, weekly markets, a farm-to-table restaurant, a store, yoga classes, and much more.

Bring your own mat, face towel, and hand sanitizer.