Singing Class for Teens & Adults

Lúmina Arts Academy

Lúmina Centro Cultural Antigua Guatemala (Centro Cultural Lumina) RN 14 10, Antigua Guatemala

The singing program seeks to guide the singers in the formation of the anatomical image of their instrument, providing elements that facilitate knowing its physical process of voice. The singer will recognize the need to be a technically prepared vocal artist in the execution of their instrument (The voice) which will develop in the student vocal leadership, and the freedom to express themselves through different musical genres.

Singing Class for Children
Cost per person:
Private classes cost Q200 (appointment only)
Group Pricing:
Q400 per month (8 hours)
Age / Max Group:
Ages 16 + & Adults
2 hours
Start Time(s):
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Languages Spoken:
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 10 am – 7pm
Days Closed:
Saturday & Sunday
What's Included:

We have instruments available for our students. You have the possibility to come and practice outside of the scheduled class, just reserve the instrument to use as a review. Ideally, each student can, in the future, buy her instrument to use at home.


What to Expect:

“We are so much more than just an academy”. We promise to be the art academy you’ve always dreamed of where we educate minds, enrich hearts, and expand horizons.

The benefits you will have at Lumina Arts are:

  • Free registration.
  • Specialized teachers with experience in each discipline.
  • Free elite courses.
  • Areas designed for everyone’s learning and comfort.
  • Space to develop yourself as an artist.
  • Auditorium for your presentations.

From the moment you sign up you will receive:

  • Instruments available to receive your classes.
  • A curriculum adapted to your needs.
  • Concerts, recitals, exhibitions, and artistic presentations where you will put into practice everything you have learned.
  • Free parking.
  • Pleasant and safe environment.
Additional Information:

You can start at any time, however, you must attend all classes as there is no make-up if you’re absent.

If you sign up before the 15th of the month, you will be charged for the full month. Fractional class cost (if the month has already started, from the 16th onwards) pay Q.150.00 for the month.

Suggested clothing: Comfortable clothes, preferably pants or leggings.