Back-strap Weaving Workshop

Casa del Tejido Antiguo

Museo Casa Del Tejido Antiguo 0 Ave. 4-16 Zona 4, San Antonio Aguas Calientes San Antonio Aguas Calientes, 03015

Learn to weave on a backstrap loom in this class with Mayan women in the picturesque town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes in Casa del Tejido Antiguo Museum.

Back-strap Weaving Workshop
Cost per person:
Group Pricing:
Age / Max Group:
No limit, 1 teacher per 2 students
4 hours
Start Time(s):
By Appointment
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm
Open Daily
Days Closed:
What's Included:
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“Lovely spot to learn more about indigenous textiles and the art of weaving. I learned a lot about what each design symbolizes and the tour was very informative. Highly recommend!” -J B