Advanced Pole Dancing Class

Allegra Pole Fitness Studio

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Advanced Pole dancing classes in the heart of Antigua Guatemala.

Allegra Pole Fitness Studio
Cost per person:
Group Pricing:
Age / Max Group:
Adults only, max of 10 people
1 hour
Start Time(s):
Sat 10:30 am
Languages Spoken:
Opening Hours:
Schedule varies
Days Closed:
What's Included:
  • Class instructor
  • All props for the class are provided by the studio


What to Expect:

Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. This performance art form takes place not only in gentleman’s clubs as erotic dance but also as a mainstream form of fitness, practiced in gyms and dedicated dance studios.

Additional Information:

Yearly enrollment Fee Q150

8-Class Pass Q450

4-Class Pass Q330

Private Class Q100

Bring your own hand sanitizer and a face towel.