Y Tu Piña También

Y Tu Piña También 1a Avenida Sur #10B, Antigua Guatemala

Breakfast and brunch specialized cafe for those early bird breakfast go-ers. They know.

“Great food, lots of light, affordable, lovely staff! I’ve been here for a long morning, and a regular lunch. I do recommend it.” -Arleigh

“Yummy breakfast. I wanted something a little different. The virgin pina colada smoothie was excellent. The bread was curious, but oddly delicious. It was sort of sweet and a bit crumbly. Had the Mediterranean breakfast. Had to try the sausage which turned out to be a patty but was very tasty. I’ve heard of Randy’s Sausage but haven’t found it before. Service was excellent. The host / server checked on me a few times.” -Mitch C.

Y Tu Pina Tambien
Opening Hours
Daily 8am – 3pm
Days Closed
Indoor seating
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