Marañón Antigua Smoothies Café

Marañón Smoothies/Paninis/Café 7a Avenida Norte 60 A, Antigua Guatemala 03001

Marañón is a cafeteria specializing in 100% natural and refreshing drinks such as smoothies, natural juices and specialty drinks. We serve specialty coffee, delicious paninis, gourmet, and a wide variety of specialty breakfasts.

“I am Salvadoran and I am excited about a beautiful little places that I discovered while walking through Antigua. Very rich. The best thing about the breakfasts is that they include natural orange juice, oatmeal and coffee. I loved it for sure I will return on my next visit to Antigua. I recommend it.” -Emperatriz Alvarez

The best breakfast I had, the days I stayed in Guatemala, I could have had breakfast there every day. I recommend the Omelet, and they provided coffee and orange juice.” -Daniel Chaverri

Established in 2023.

Maranon-Cafe-Smoothies-Paninis Antigua
Opening Hours
Mon – Wed 7am – 9pm
Thur – Sat 7am – 10pm / Sun 7am – 8pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
Indoor seating, Bar Seating
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