Fat Cat Coffee House

Fat Cat 4a Calle Oriente #14A Antigua Guatemala

Fat Cat is committed to promoting coffee culture in Guatemala. This coffee shop started as an experimental coffee shop trying out different methods like the french press, the “clever coffee dripper” and other filtering utensils, especially to show a new way of tasting coffee to Guatemalan coffee drinkers. Now and then you will find a different variety of coffee beans because they love providing their customers with a wide range of aromas and new coffee experiences.

“Absolutely love this place. Truly the best coffee in all of Antigua. Staff are great… vibes are perfect along with the music. Food is so yummy! Love Fat Cat Cafe” -Lindsey Brooker

“Definitely one of my favorite places in Antigua! As someone who works in specialty coffee myself, I love finding cafes with great coffee and skilled baristas and fat cat never disappoints. great service and amazing staff, relaxed vibes, good food, great coffee, even fast wifi. what more could you ask for?” -Arved

Established in 2010.

Fat Cat Coffee House
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Daily 7am – 7pm
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Open Daily
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