El Alquimista

El Alquimista Cafe Bisto 2a Avenida Sur local 51A, Antigua Guatemala

This is a cafe bistro with a unique theme, magic. They offer specialty coffee, and interactive cocktails that change colors to mimic magic potions. Enjoy their tapas menu, wine and so much more.

“Wanting to take magic into your own hands? Visit the Alquimista Café Bar in Antigua, Guatemala. It is a beautiful bar with a terraced-rooftop. The lights, music, and decorations add to the magical ambiance. Their fresh-served potions are delicious. I will definitely be coming back here.” -Emily Serrano

“Enchanted café with incredible atmosphere. Recommended cocktails: Poison No.7, Unicorn Essence, and Dragon’s Breath. The tapas I recommend are: the goat cheese, apple, and pesto breads. Service is so good! Ivan, the owner, is so nice and even had a glass of wine with us while we played cards against humanity. The details and personal touches really complete the medieval vibes.” -Emma Leonardo Solorzano

Established in 2022.

El Alquimista Interior View
Opening Hours
Mon, Wed-Thur 8am – 10pm
Fri-Sat 8am – 11pm / Sun 8am – 9pm
Days Closed
Indoor seating, Rooftop Terrace, Courtyard Seating, Counter Seating, Garden Seating
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