Serve Hope Café GT

Serve Hope Café GT 6a Calle Poniente 39, Antigua Guatemal

This cafe is part of Serve Hope International an NGO (Non Government Organization) that supports sustainability and social development projects in certain areas of Guatemala. Aside from their social outlook, they have a specialty coffee shop at the front, a chilling area with a ping pong table, a fully equipped co-working space and a beautiful terrace.

“Spacious and stylish coffee shop! There are a few different rooms with different ambiances. One is definitely well laid out to study or work with outlets, group tables, desk chairs, and so on. They also have a ping pong table in a room where old yet elegant and fashionable features prevail, bringing a great contrast. I ordered a coffee latte with dairy-free milk (almond milk) which I always enjoy.” -Ophelie Chuffart

“They invited us in because it was raining and offered us where to sit without obligation. While there we liked the atmosphere and enjoyed a delicious coffee. Now we will always return for a coffee, the atmosphere is worth it but what is priceless is the kindness of those who work there.” -Nery Salazar

Established in 2022.

Serve Hope cafe courtyard with a hammock
Opening Hours
Daily 7am – 6pm
Days Closed
Indoor seating, Rooftop Terrace, Courtyard Seating, Open Air Seating, Garden Seating, Private Lounge
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