Casa del Cardamomo

Casa del Cardamomo 4ta calle oriente n.14 Antigua Local 11

Located in a colonial style courtyard with a beautiful garden. This cafe is one of a kind because they focus on cardamon as their main ingredient for their many foods and drinks. Cardamon fills the place with an exotic spicy aroma. Explore their many cosmetic and self care products in their little cardamon focused shop and cafe.

This cafe belongs to a local family that helps small agricultural communities in the production of cardamon.

“Cute place with a variety of products containing cardamom. We ordered the pepian and the strawberry-cardamom lemonade. The pepian is one of the best I’ve tried in Guatemala. The lemonade had a very unique and interesting taste. I’ll go back there!” -Santiago Gustin

“This is a very cute, cheerful little cafe and gift shop focused on using cardamom in many of its foods and drinks. Our ginger-cardamom drink was truly refreshing and delicious, an original drink neither of us had ever encountered in all our travels. We enjoyed very nicely constructed and presented sandwiches but were surprised by what was referred to as “raw ham”; it more resembled pressed ham. The mushroom sandwich was really delicious, every element making a statement on its own, but the portion size seemed really small for the price. More a bite to eat than a meal. The outdoor seating is very pleasant. This is set in probably the nicest food court we have ever seen!” -reginald williams

Established in 2017.

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Opening Hours
Daily 10am – 7pm
Days Closed
Open Daily
Payments Accepted
Cash, Credit Cards, US Dollars
Indoor seating, Courtyard Seating, Open Air Seating, Garden Seating
Wifi Available
Special Diets Available